Book Reviews

We love books! 

Reading is the opportunity to interact with people from different eras in time, with authors from different cultures, and with individuals who can pass along lessons they have learned.

Over the course of our blog, we hope to share the books that we have found significant, meaningful and/or thought-provoking.

After we post about a book, we will catalogue them here.  Stay tuned for some great reading.

2 thoughts on “Book Reviews

  1. I’m currently reading Ed Dobson’s book SEEING THROUGH THE FOG.
    Also, reading portions of Amy Black’s Honoring God in Red or Blue and Plastic Donuts! So many great authors out there! I finished ‘God Told Me’ by Jim, loved it and bought several for Xmas gifts. We spend Xmas in a small town in Hawaii every year with people who are mostly non Christian or Buddhist so I love to take Jim’s books to the Pastor out there and Ed Dobson’s books also! Blessings, Nancy

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