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samra-beach-croppedJim Samra is a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, Lisa’s husband and the dad of four children.

He has the privilege to serve as the senior pastor of Calvary Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan where his main responsibility is to lead others in worship of God.

Jim holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, a Master of Theology in New Testament and Pastoral Ministries from Dallas Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Philosophy in New Testament from the University of Oxford in England.

In addition to published articles and book reviews, he is the author of God Told Me, The Gift of Church and Being Conformed to Christ in Community.


Lisa Samra is a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, Jim’s wife and the mother of four children.

She has the privilege of being a full-time mother and a full-time volunteer at Calvary Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and somehow God works out the math.   Her main responsibility at Calvary is to support her husband in his role as senior pastor, which looks different from week to week.  She also has the joy of overseeing the Women’s Leadership Development Forum, a ministry dedicated to equipping women to be godly leaders in the local church.

Lisa holds a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Texas and a Master of Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary.

11 thoughts on “Jim & Lisa Samra

  1. I’ve read all the entries on this blog tonight and I’m excited about what you two are going to share with us and also about how God is going to use it.

    Thanks for posting the video to go along with today’s sermon. I may point some friends to it in the days and weeks to come.

    May God continue to bless you both and your family.

  2. Thank you very much for all that you do for us. We have been blessed by your ministry Jim and Lisa. May God bless you.

  3. Dear Jim and Lisa:
    Thank you for what appears to be your untiring efforts to share the love of Christ to a body of believers that attend Calvary and to whoever you come in contact with. I have always wanted to tell you both how great it is to see your children sit with you in church as this has always been our way and I can remember when we had four little ones as you do presently. Additionally, I wanted to say how the small group we started in our home last June has really been a blessing to our family and has built friendships that I believe will last forever. I did not know when we started that you would teach on the ten commandments of community; that was a definite bonus and I believe enhanced our groups chemistry and allowed us to see God move. I just wanted to encourage you both with that and to thank you again.
    Greg and Susan Mangione

    • You should just be able to send them the website address, olivesandcoffee.org, and then they can read it as well.

      Hope that helps!

  4. You guys are truly a Godly couple. Being able to watch you two “really” interact in your daily walk is a great blessing! You guys walk the talk and talk the walk. Calvary Church is blessed beyond comprehension thru you two! It’s a God thing… The verse “He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we may think or imagine………..” describes God’s gift to us, the gift of YOU! Thanks ~ We love you

  5. Dear Lisa and Jim,
    It was our joy and privilege to be with your family at Camp-of-the-Woods and hear Jim’s messages August 6-10, 2012, all delivered with God’s Grace and Blessing. Thank you so much. We wish you lived closer to us. We will miss you.
    Love, Nancy & John Carty, Villanova, PA

  6. We, my husband Jean and I feel so blessed to be a part of Calvary Church. I enjoy
    your timely messages! We are also blessed to have you both as a couple leading us! I have read your Olives & Coffee and really enjoy getting to know you both better!

  7. I am blessed so much by your sermons, Pastor. Our Lord has filled you with His Spirit. When I see Lisa and her children my heart sings a song of thanksgiving for the leadership you both give to our church family.
    I am one of your prayer warriors and pray daily for you and your beautiful

  8. The title of your blog generated these thoughts:
    So I love olives and hate coffee and my husband hates olives and loves coffee.
    Do you both love olives and coffee? Or are you two more like us?

    • We are more like you and your husband! The title came when we were brainstorming ideas for a name for the blog. Since we would both be contributing posts, we wanted a unique name that expressed the idea that while there are many things that we agree on, we still have very distinct likes, dislikes, interests and ideas. So, I am the coffee lover while Jim doesn’t even like the smell. He loves olives but as much as I try, I can’t stomach them. Thanks for asking.

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