The Small Group Outtakes

One of my favorite parts of the Life Together series in Ephesians were the “spoof” videos that the worship and media teams made as part of the Ten Commandments of Community mini-series.

When Jim told me what the worship team was planning, I wasn’t sure it was a good idea — and that was before I was asked to be in them — because it is a lot of work to make one funny skit, but ten in a row!

Jim and I enjoyed getting to be part of the videos even though we had to do most of the scenes several times because we couldn’t keep straight faces.  For a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the fun making the videos, here are some of our favorite outtakes from The Small Group video series.

All is well,


The Greatest Good

Our family’s favorite movie is the Pixar animated film The Incredibles. It is a very witty look at family life, with a lot of special superhero powers to make it lots of fun.

Our favorite scene, one that every one of us can quote verbatim, fits with what Jim spoke about on Sunday in his sermon on husbands.  It is a conversation between the superhero Frozone, who is looking for his superhero supersuit because he notices an enemy attacking the city outside his window, and his wife, Honey.

Watch here:

That last line is powerful, “I am your wife. I am the greatest good you are ever going to get.”

Husbands, there will always be something masquerading as the “greater good” outside your window.  Sometimes, you do have to leave and take care of the responsibilities that God has given you.

But, most of the time do your actions show that your wife is the greatest good you are ever going to get?

All is well,