St. Peter’s Day

This Sunday, June 29, is St. Peter’s Day.  It is a day for Christians to reflect and remember Peter’s martyrdom in Rome.

Several years ago, we were in Cambridge and attended Evensong (an evening chapel service) on June 29 at the breathtaking King’s College Chapel.

We heard the choir sing this 2006 composition commemorating St. Peter.  While I have not been able to find the song online so that I can share it with you, following are the words to the anthem.

Anthem for St. Peter’s Day

‘Will you leave everything and come with me –

Yes, bring your brother, leave the nets and sea,

And fish for human souls?’

‘The mother of my wife is ill.’

‘Her raging fever I will still

Before this high sun rolls

Behind those hills.’   ‘We trust your nod,

Jesus, Son of the Living God.’


‘Blessed are you, Simon, for this!

My heavenly Father in his bliss

Opens your eyes.

I call you Peter now, the rock

On which my church will stand all shock.

You hold the keys

To bind or loose, in heaven, on earth.

Have faith, as I have in your worth.’


The High Priest’s maid said: ‘Galilean

Warming your hands, that prisoner’s friend…’

‘He’s not my friend.’

Another pointed: ‘He’s one of them!’

‘Girl, you offend!’

A Roman sneered: ‘You share his accent.’

‘I resent and I condemn

Inept lies!’ The cock crowed. Peter wept.


They dined deep. Risen Christ bent down

To wash their feet, to Peter’s frown.

‘Simon, John’s son, do you love me?’

‘Yes, Lord, I do.’

‘You know I do!’

‘Simon, John’s son, do you love me?

Feed my sheep.


When you were young your ways were free.

When you are old you’ll follow me

With outstretched hands.’

And do it was. Agrippa tried

Peter as godless; crucified

As Rome commands –

But upside-down, the martyr’s own request

Lest he should equal Jesus every blest.


Words – Francis Warner

Music – David Goode


All is well,