Girls Night


On March 6, Women’s Ministry is hosting an evening for women to connect with each other.  I am looking forward to extended, uninterrupted conversations with friends — how often does that happen!  I hope that one of those conversations can be with you.

As part of the evening, I have agreed to be interviewed about my life and ministry.  Instead of simply writing the questions themselves, Women’s Ministry would love your input.

So, if there is something you have always wanted to ask me, this is your chance!  It can be serious, informative or fun.

You can either post a question on the blog or send it to women’s ministry at

Then, join me on Thursday night March 6, and hopefully we will have time to answer your question.

Registration is required so please register at by Sunday, March 2.  If you’d prefer to pay with cash, tickets will be on sale outside the Calvary Café on Sunday morning.

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Israel Trip

Old Jericho Road at Sunset

Old Jericho Road at Sunset

Israel is a county of immense contrasts.  In a land small enough to fit into Lake Michigan, God created lush valleys and arid deserts; freshwater lakes and inland seas; hideaway caves and sweeping vistas.

It is a land filled with reminders of the biblical narrative and God’s promises that cry out the truth of his word.  But, it is also a land filled with great blindness as people’s hearts and minds continue to be veiled to the truth that God has placed all around them.

I recently returned from my first visit to this ancient land, after touring for eight days with a group from Calvary led by a very insightful and challenging teacher – also known as my husband.

As I was entering the country, the immigration officer asked me if I was on a pilgrimage.  Due to the negative connotations that our faith tradition often adheres to that word, my initial thought was to say no.  But, then I realized that I was not on this trip to sightsee or be a passive observer.  I was on a journey to a sit and see and smell, and take in all that God wanted to teach me on the trip.  And that is what I was able to experience.

The sites held no special blessing or means of grace, but they provided a setting to talk about God, and how he has worked through time and history to bring about salvation, not just to humanity but also to me personally.

If you would like to see and experience what a trip to Israel with a Calvary Church group looks like, check out the following links.

The first is a link is to this year’s group blog, CCIsrael2014, that highlights many of the things we learned in our teaching sessions, as well as lots of pictures.

Second, this video featuring the group that went to Israel in 2013 is a beautiful montage of several of the places they visited on their journey.

Although we just returned, plans are already forming for next year.  If you are interested in going to Israel in February 2015, please send your contact information to Kristen White at kwhite

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