Winter Snow

This beautiful new Christmas song, You Came Like Winter Snow, shares the same theme and idea of our service this week.

Jesus could have come to earth in any form but he chose to come quietly and live a difficult life for many reasons but ultimately to give us the hope of heaven.  Not because he didn’t have a choice but because we had no other choice.

From our family to yours – have a blessed and joyous Christmas,

Jim and Lisa


advent-logoDuring the early centuries of the church, a number of traditions sprung up as ways to teach Christians about the life of Christ and to create opportunities to practice spiritual disciplines. Together, these traditions form the church calendar, which begins its year with Advent: a season of expectation and waiting that stretches from the fourth Sunday before Christmas and ends on Christmas Eve. The word “Advent” comes from the Latin word adventus, which means “coming.” That is why we often speak of Christ’s advent, i.e., his coming. The season of Advent is one in which Christians have traditionally set aside time to remember our need for a savior and to focus on God’s gracious promise that He will provide one.

From “Advent at Calvary Church” 2013

If you did not pick up an Advent guide on Sunday, you can view a digital copy here.